Dog's Name: Thunder X Lily Litter
Owners Name:
Steve Spangler
Breeder: Fair Fields Gundogs
Date Whelped: July/August 2007
German Shorthaired Pointer
Sex: M

This breeding combines Rugerheim /Hustler/ Westwind and Pottsiepen lines. It should create some great bird dogs! See our website for more detials or contact me at 740-746-0225 or spangler72@earthlink.net

The Pedigree of Thunder X Lily Litter
Thunder X Lily Puppies
Sundance Revelation MH, UT 1, CGC
VC Jacob vd Westwind MH
Westwind's Commander Riker JH
DC Hillhaven's Hustler
Doc's Brauna vd Westwind MH
Hustler's Megan vd Westwind
DC Hillhaven's Hustler
Wendy Vom Enzstrand
Sundance Dixie Chick UT 1
KS Kristan vom Pottsiepen
KS Mondicht vom Hege-Haus
KS Halla vom Pottsiepen
Sundance Demi vom Max UT 1
CH Stradivarious Maximillien
Bradley's Abigail Baroque
Spirit Wind Regardless JH
CH Rugerheim's Crow Sun Spirit
DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon
Rugerheim's Autumn Wind MH
Adam's Heller von Waldenburg
NMK's Briesa vom Hawkeye
Hawkeyes Yunga vom Grief
NMK Westwind Desert Mist
Storm Witch Regardless
CH rugerhiem's Crow Sun Spirit
DC Rugerheim's Bit of Bourbon
NMK Briesa vom Hawkeye
Iron Peg Regardless JH
FC AFC Rammer's Grand Cody
Sarah's Heidi Regardless JH

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