Dog's Name: Gambles Gunner von Fritz SH NA-1
Owners Name:
Greg and Donna Jennings
Breeder: Rick Hopkins
White/Liver Patched and Ticked
Date Whelped: 6/5/2004
German Shorthaired Pointer
Sex: M

Gunner's sire is NAGDC RU DC/AFC/3X NSTRA CH Gamble's Odyssey Fritz MH RD UT-2.  What else can you say about Fritz? He's done it all.

Gunner's dam is NRC's Arabesque Kirby v Ziel JH. Kirby is a littermate to well-known sire FC/AFC Razorhaven's Revolution.

He was bred, picked out for us, and received early training by Rick Hopkins and Brenda Roe at http://www.walnuthillgsps.us/ I heartily recommend them as breeders and trainers.

Gunner is 26" tall and weighs 55 lbs in field trial condition.

Gunner's hips are OFA good, elbows OFA normal. His thyroid has been evaluted normal by private lab.

He is a very good-natured boy that lives with us in the house, rides in the back seat with the kids on trips, and is a much-requested visitor at the kids' soccer games.

His best quality is his nose. He quite simply makes scent where other dogs do not. He has a great gait and groundspeed and has gundog range.  He is snappy, hits his birds hard and is very stylish on point. He loves water and has a very high prey drive.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that he is a such handsome devil ;) .

Gunner has sired three litters to date.  The first litter was very uniform and some of the dogs have been evaluated as DC possibilities by deans of the DC GSP world.  The second litter is just up and running around now.  They look great so far.  Very uniform and High tailed.  The third litter, to a half-sister by Fritz, was born July 1st, but I've not heard much about them.

Please note that Gunner's dam was a liver.  When bred to a liver, there is likely to be a number of liver pups. 

Here are links to Gunner's first two litters:

1  http://www.gundogforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=18882&hilit=breeze+gunner, http://www.gundogforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=23340 .  There are two NICE male pups left.

http://www.gundogforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=22527  These pups went, literally, all over the country.  The three that I have contact with are doing extremely well.

If you want to use Gunner, my terms are negotiable, but the following are what I look for.

  1. A negative current brucellosis test is required.
  2. The stud fee is the price of one puppy to be paid on a successful tie.  I like to do three ties over three days to better the odds.
  3. If you provide a progesterone test indicating current ovulation and the breeding does not take, I will grant one "retry".  If that doesn't take, I will refund the stud fee.
  4. If you don't do a progesterone test, you are taking your chances on the breeding taking.

Gunner is now back at home after spending the winter with Rick and finishing his Senior Hunter.

The best way to reach me is at my public email:  gregs_shell_acount@yahoo.com .

-- Gunner's Data --

Whelp date: 5-June, 2004
AKC registration - SR17872103
FDSB registration - 1588008
AVID microchip - 087 092 021

-- NAVHDA --
Registration Number GS-007580
Natural Ability - 112 Prize 1 June 5, 2005
Medium dense/medium harsh
Bite - Normal
Eyes - Normal

- OFA -
Hips: GSP-12484G29M-PI - Good
Elbows : GSP-EL776M29PI - Normal

Profile Number: V441207
Date of Analysis: 4-December, 2006

FDSB Number: 1588008
Data of Analysis: 29-March, 2007

- Lupoid Dermatosis -

Evaluation: 1-1.  That means he's not a carrier.
Date of Analysis: 06 June 2010  Test Number: LD330
Lab: Pennsylvania State University

- Thyroid -
Evaluation: All levels normal
Date of Analysis: 21 November 2006
Lab: Michigan State University

- Brucellosis Test -
Current negative check: October 2008
Date of Original Test: 16-November 2006
Date of Updated Test: October 2008
Lab: The Ohio State University

-- Links --

- NAVHDA Natural Ability Test Score Sheet - http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g39/Greg_Jennings/Gunner/gunner-na-test.jpg

- AKC Registration -

- FDSB Registration -

- FDSB Certified Pedigree -

- AKC DNA Profile -

- FDSB DNA Profile -

- OFA Hips and Elbows -

- MSU Thyroid Test -

- Brucellosis Test -

The Pedigree of Gambles Gunner von Fritz SH NA-1
Gambles Gunner von Fritz SH NA-1
NAGDC RU DC/AFC/3xNSTRA CH Gambles Odyssey Fritz MH RD VCX UT-2
DC Odyssey's Sam Saint Max, MH
DC Kurzhaar's Ruger vom Haven SH
DC Hillhaven's Hustler
Freigeist Bekannte vom Laden CD JH
DC Odyssey's Saint Blitz MH
Jackie's Jernie vom Haag
Brownpoint's Rinky Dink
3X NSTRA CH Gamble's Low Country Miss
King's Styling Tazmanian Terror
FC Kerlie's Mackey Trickey JH
NSTRA CH Gretta Garbo Gamble MH
Gamble's Boogie Woogie Layla
NSTRA CH Jackson von Prima Banane
NSTRA CH Gretta Garbo Gamble MH
NRC's Arabesque Kirby v Ziel JH
DC Ziel vom Feinschmecker
NFC NAFC Beier's Evolution
Beier's Ace
Neika Meister Jagerin
FC Brookvues Gerda Garbo SH
NFC Chicoree Hickory Doc
Brookvues Double Fudge
DC Stradivarius Arabesque
DC Stradivarius Baroque
DC Hillhaven's Hustler
Wendy vom Enzstrand
KS Holle von der Stolzen AU
KS Engholms Jucker
Grandel von der Stolzen AU

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