Dog's Name: Laszlo's Botond
Owners Name:
Thom Hadfield
Breeder: Janet Brooks
Golden Rust
Date Whelped: May 30, 2005
Sex: M

Dogs in red were not OFA'd all other dogs can be found on the OFA website. Botond is OFA Good and is in the 80th percentile for pennhip. Cerf is clear.

The Pedigree of Laszlo's Botond
CH USJCH Laszlo's Botond
Just Spencer-A-One JH
CH Jilar Parker A-One Special JH
CH - CD Zolten's Ohio State BuckeyeJH
CH - CD VC HOF Valhi's Stick To Your Guns
CH Van Valkenburg's Edes
CH Blaze Of Glory
CH Paradox Clark Gable
CH My Friend Flicka MH
Kutya Gypsy Bartar Curtis
Selle's Hungarian Gunner
DC AFC - CD Berry's Mason Dixon Love
Magyar's Huntress Megan Mae
Arco's Red Melanie
Magyar Gypsy Prince
Arco's Mis Goldie
Little Cedar River Reba
Just Kavei Red Flannel
Eszterhaza Sebo
Helvecia Dukat Soma
Napsugar-Reti Anett-Sugi
Rickords Sasha Starr
CH Linden's Slicker SH
DC AFC Linden's Belle Starr CD MH VC
Misty's Maggie Mae
DC AFC Paradise Master Of The Hunt MH
DC AFC 2XNAFC Golden Empire's Doctor T MH HOF
CH My Friend Flicka MH
CH Flicka's Misty Li MH
CH Paradox Clark Gable
CH My Friend Flicka MH

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