Dog's Name: Voight's Million Dollar Baby
Owners Name:
Andrew Voight
Breeder: Keys
fawn/bl marks/bl msk
Date Whelped:
American Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: F

www.voightsbloodline.com  watchdog's "blue diamond" is daughter to Couturiers GRCH "blue bully, an Watchdogs GRCH Blue Monday. Storer's "royal ace chance" is son of Cheeks GRCH"blue Raider", Cheeks CH"Lady Blue". "Pyramid Blue Thunder" is son of Cheek's GRCH"Blue Raider" The bottom end on Maggie's dam's is all COLBY past 7 gen! Maggie has been bred to Voight's "Blue Magic Kilo" #1807, Interested or want more info e-mail me at voightap@hotmail.com. Also check out my web site http://www.VoightsBloodline.com

The Pedigree of Voight's Million Dollar Baby
Voight's Million Dollar Baby
Keys Buddy
Perrines Blue Zues
Howards Wild Blu Cody
Perrys Spuds Mckenzie
Watchdogs Blue Diamond
Storers Classie Claire
Storeres Royal Ace Chance
Quinteros Snowflake
Bermudez Queen Miss
Rozmus Show Mc Coy
Rosmus Lil Desert Mc Coy
Johnsons Justice
Johnsons Justice
Rebeccas Blue Steel
Luvs China Doll
Keys' Bee Bee
Ducsays Blue Max
Furlows Big Buddy Boy
Furlows Mighty Blue Zues
Hughzees Cleopatra Blue
Cocos Cala
Pyramid Blue Thunder
Heatherlys Harley
D's Molly Colby M
Verweys'Midnight M
Verweys'Jessie James
Verweys' Hot Chocolate
Koski's colby SassaFrass
Koskis Colby
Koskis Colby Eve

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